Our Approach

Much of BioMed's work is focused on achievement of a specific outcome or strategic event. For example, the goal might be a strategic alliance that we effect as a result of a business development initiative that we conducted, or a financing campaign that we launch in concert with an investment banker as a follow-up to a revised product strategy that we designed and implemented. No matter what the desired endpoint, we focus on its expeditious completion and successful implementation.

We immerse ourselves in the company to assess rapidly the dynamics of the situation. We listen carefully to the management's and board's needs and desired objectives, and we enter into a collaborative dialogue with board members and management on how best to move the company ahead.

In concert with company management, the Partners and affiliated industry executives of BioMed Transition Partners can:

Operating Management

  • Provide specific technical, medical, scientific, and marketplace expertise
  • Supervise development of clinical, reimbursement, and regulatory strategies
  • Plan and implement commercialization and marketing efforts
  • Recruit personnel and service providers
  • Establish or enhance operations in the U.S. for international biomedical companies

Corporate Development

  • Identify and initiate corporate partnerships
  • Strengthen pipelines by in-licensing complementary technologies and products
  • Identify, negotiate, and close merger and acquisition opportunities
  • Divest non-core assets

Financing Transactions

  • Identify and retain investment bankers whose fundraising approach and experience is a match for the needs of the company
  • Collaborate with bankers to create a compelling private placement memorandum
  • Oversee securing of funds from institutional investors, venture capitalists, angel investors, and alternative sources of capital

Due Diligence and Transitional Support

  • Conduct scientific, business, and operations due diligence for investors or transactional opportunities
  • Assume interim management positions, when requested to do so

Company Relationships

  • Enhance a company's presence in the biomedical community through initiation of relationships among key opinion leaders and prominent persons within the medtech, diagnostics, life sciences, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries